Sunday, November 23, 2008

A stroll along the north branch of the Chicago river watershed

The stroll starts a block from my house at the bus stop where the sidewalk ends.

This 10 pt buck hangs out about 50 yards further in.

Time for lots of mad running.

27 degrees ? not too cold for a swim.

The ice at the edge is a bitch though.

frost on the leaves.

No birds here.

or here.

This place looks a little different in the first part of May.


mw (DWSUWF) said...

The title of this post appears to be grammatically challenged. It should either be a stroll "along the north branch..." or "along the trough of the north branch" or "through the north branch", but it should not be "along trough the north branch". Please fix or post something new. Seeing this on the top line of my RSS reader every day is very annoying.

Harlan Wallach said...

why did it take you a week to point this out ?

KBarton10 said...

That canine looks like it has no transmission, single speed, max acceleration.