Saturday, November 22, 2008

Midnight Regulations & Salmon Extinctions

IT is the midnight hour for the Bush administration and they are trying their hardest to permanently cement, for all time, this administrations place as the single most hostile government to fishing, and environmental causes. As this administration goes extinct the regulations it puts in place will further damage watersheds and air and water quality every where. The illustration below is from this week's SF Chronicle.

20 salmon and trout species are not expected to survive in California in the next few decades unless radical changes are put into effect to insure that there are adequate flows of water into the habitat that these species need. I would call these endangered species. The midnight regulations being put in place in the last week aim to gut the endangered species laws, once and for all.

It is not just in California. There are examples all over the U.S. of how the extraction, power generation, and agricultural industries are being blessed by these outgoing executive rules that can hopefully be over turned by the incoming congress and the new president.

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