Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reason #4 - 4 days to the vote

Through the VOTE on April 14 HDW-MOBILE will be doing a reason a day to vote to maintain quality trout fishing regulations on the Prairie at the Spring Wisconsin Conservation Congress hearings.


• This is a movement we all need to be aware of and take notice. The next group may organize to assault the size and slot limits that have been created on other species (that you fish) and that have resulted in quality fishing in Wisconsin. This issue is about more than trout. It is about supporting the WDNR in the science based methods of fishery management. It is about all of the forms of quality fishing regulations and their method of devlopment and integration. Take the musky fishery as an example of what it has matured to with protective regulations. Are you prepared to lose that to those that want to harvest more and smaller fish? Are you prepared to see similar in the Bass fisheries in the state ?

Informational Links on this Issue (Article Page 3)

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