Monday, August 27, 2007

One nation under dog

Special guest blog by Leah Wallach

It may seem that this is just a normal puppy sleeping on a deck- but if only you knew the truth.
Here he is gnawing on the carcass of one of his victims. It is an already-dead, maggot-infested walleye that washed up on shore. We smelled it long before we saw it. And him.
Here he is on his Royal Chaise Lounge. Imitating Uncle Mike.
Here Gryffindor is using his supersonic alien speed to befuddle his humans.
He is exhausted in this picture, and we were able to see past his trickery. However, the truth was yet to come.

This picture says it all. This is his true identity. Look in his eyes. Griff is really an alien from the planet Zorgon. He is here to collect puppy treats for warship fuel, so he can take over the universe. He has four main weapons: Cuteness Ray, mind control, CDH (Curious Dog Head), and the Jaws of Death.
Beware the Puppy!!!!!
Special guest blog by Leah Wallach


mw (DWSUWF) said...

Why is he on my chair?

Leah said...

He is on your chair because he is an all powerful alien being and that is what he does.

mw (DWSUWF) said...

Was he on my chair before or after he was eating the rotten fish?

Anonymous said...

Excellent story line and very good alien subject.
Congratulations to the young blogger.

Stef said...

Kudos to the guest blogger. I look forward to reading her first novel and memoirs. :)

Leah said...

in reply to mw:

He was on your chair before and after the fish eating incident. Don't worry, it rained afterwords.

Leah said...

to EAC and Stef:

Thank you for the compliments, he does make a good alien doesn't he ?

mw (DWSUWF) said...

If he is an all powerful alien being, why does he have the name of a troll?

Are you sure he is not actually the deadly alien Xenu?

Harlan Wallach said...

Gryffindor is not the name of a troll.