Saturday, December 22, 2007

Still more all 2007 Trout Report

I have decided I am going to try to complete the all 2007 trout report by the end of 2007. This was April 18 2007 - a post I'll call, Esta Noche Du...and MORE THEY ARE ALL NAMED SPRING CREEK.

The stream here in the pic above is 5 to 10 ft wide, and goes down five feet in holes. I hooked a big trout for me - 17/18 - maybe 25 who knows, that came straight up on the set - did a tail for head flip -and I saw the barbless hook arc up away ... kinda cool . To get close, it is strictly lo crawl belly style approach.

I'll say this - on these creeks a red/pink/white shirt is a good way to put a skunk on.
The fish round here won't up with that kind of a western/southern sartorial display.
That particular fly is my robotripper - seems like the fishees like it despite its size, and in the afternoon a gray caddis hatch came off - and I got several fish, my firsts on a dry this year on my preferred caddis pattern - a gray goddard.

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